Can Nintendo Wii Compete With Other Video Game Consoles?

In the gaming world there are three major video game consoles; the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Sony PlayStation3, and the Nintendo Wii. Since Xbox and PlayStation seem to have cornered the market when it comes to technological advances, where does that leave the Wii? When first released, the question certainly arose as to whether the Nintendo Wii could even compete with the other video game consoles? After all, it was argued, Nintendo’s console was a console for kids, its main characters were cartoon characters, and it shied away from anything with mature content. Because of these factors it was essentially eliminating a large segment of the gaming population. This hasn’t been the case at all.Surprisingly, the Wii has proven to be popular with both casual gamers as well as seasoned veterans. The reason is that it offers something for everyone, and does so affordably. Not only is the actual video game console more affordable than other consoles, add-ons and games can be purchased more reasonably As a family console, it has games that will appeal to everyone from the kids to their parents. Spending family time together just got to be a whole lot more fun with the Wii. Wii parties are common and have become a great way to socialize with friends. For the hard-core gamer, the Wii also has some appeal. The motion sensitive controller provides a different kind of challenge. So, the serious gamer can have the best of both worlds, with the Wii for fun and Xbox 360 or PlayStation3 for more in-depth gaming. Because it has focused on cornering a new part of the market, the Nintendo Wii is a force in the gaming console market. Maybe compete is not the right word, maybe the right word is dominate video game consoles.For only the best and latest information on any of the video game consoles or accessories available check out my resource box below.

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